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Don't want subcontractors on your Golf Course?
Then run our program yourselves!
Here's how it works...
- We show you how to train your staff.
- We provide a instruction video on how it looks and sounds
- You purchase our coupons and you keep all the profits!!!
  • Established Nationwide product
  • Detailed instructions on how to operate the program
  • Professional sign
  • 24x7 support
  • "Money Back Guarantee"
    If after 30 days you don't make your investment back we'll refund your license fee and buy back any remaining coupons.
FOR MORE INFO CALL 843.457.5447

The Challenge USA Fees

  • Annual licensing fee of $250 per course
  • 500 coupons $1000
  • 1000 coupons $2000
License $250 + Coupons
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For more information on how you can become a Challenge USA licensed golf course Call 843.457.5447

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