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About The Challenge USA

The Challenge USA - Information for Golf Courses The Challenge USA is the industry's largest on-course marketing and promotional program - designed to generate revenue for the golf course. We have been operating our program successfully for over 20 years at Golf Courses through out the US providing an entirely new revenue source! As well as creating a lasting marketing exposure for your golf facility and memorable experience for the golfer.

Why The Challenge USA

  • An entirely new revenue source at your golf course
  • A graded commission of gross sales to your golf course (20%-30%)
    (Average monthly commission $1200 - $5000 per month)
  • Optional marketing program that reaches 8 million households - Click HERE for more info
  • Fun and excitement for your golfers
  • Increased Golf Shop traffic and sales
  • Increased Gift Certificate sales
  • High quality, professional image on the course
  • Established Nationwide for 20 years
  • 20%-30% increase in pro shop sales
  • Employee payed on direct deposit
  • Workman compensation and liability insurance with golf course listed as additional insured
  • Daily worksheet
  • Monthly sales report
  • Does not slow up play
  • Uniformed employee


How The Challenge USA Works

The Golf Magazine Promotion is a fun skills challenge for your golfers.
  1. We pick the easiest Par 3 hole on the front side between 120-160 yards
  2. The golfer pays $10 to participate
      The golfer will receive 3 gifts
  1. Year subscription to Golf Magazine or annual renewal
  2. Money back in form of a gift certificate ($10 off any shirt and $5 off any hat not on sale)
  3. Custom fit sand wedge offer (Shipping & Handling not included)
  • Any golfer that hits his shot within a grips length from the hole will win a 2 night/3 day golf vacation with 2 rounds of golf anywhere in the Continental US. (Airfare not included)
Here is how we increase your shop sales. We purposely did not put a return address on the golf magazine subscription coupon. We instruct every golfer to fill out and drop their subscription coupon in the pro shop at the end of their round. 25%-30% of all participants will purchase a hat or shirt or both. The commission you receive from us will more than cover the discount of the coupon. Thereby giving you 100% retail on your inventory. The average golf course claims we are responsible for 20%-25% of their gross sales.

For more information on how you can become a Challenge USA licensed golf course Call 843.457.5447

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