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Increase Your Tournament Business
Put More Sponsorhip Funds Towards Your Charity, Booster Club or Fund Raising Event

The Challenge USA - Tournament Package If your like most fund raising events, you solicit donors to pay for your skills challenge prize insurance policies. That can be as much as $800-$1000 in donations. (Putting Contest/Hole in One Contest)

What if you collected those donations and could apply 100% straight to your event.

By choosing the Challenge USA for your fund raising event, we will put your donors name on our signs for each skills challenge and you keep 100% of the donations.

We pay the insurance policy!

In addition we will also donate 30% of revenues collected for the putting contest to your event as well.


$100,000* Shot for a Closest to the Pin Qualifier, $2500 Putting Contest and Golf Vacation for 2 Anywhere in the USA.

Offering the free Challenge USA tournament package. Absolutely no cost to the golf course or the outing/tournament.

Here's how the free tournament package works
  • Each golfer in your tournament or outing will voluntarily pay $10
    They receive $115 value in prizes
    1. 1 year subscription to Golf Magazine
    2. Custom Sand Wedge Offer (Shipping Not Included)
    3. $15 in gift certificate form to pro shop ($10 off a shirt and $5 off a hat not on sale)
    4. Golf vacation for 2 for with in a grip shot on main hole
    5. $100,000 Shot!* for closest to the pin qualifier!
    6. $2500 putting contest (50/50)
  • 30% of gross sales will be given back to the outing or tournament as a donation
* A tournament with 50-99 golfers will receive a $50,000 shot. Groups of over 100 golfers receive $100,000 shot.

Tournaments provide the highest participation rate for the Challenge USA (80%-90%) which in turn creates more traffic to your pro shops creating more sales for you and more dollars generated for tounaments.

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